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Helen Burrell is an illustrator and graphic designer.

She doodles on everything (even on people's shopping lists when they're not looking) and is currently working on her own children's picture book.

Studying for her creative career, Helen completed a foundation course in Art & Design at Harrogate College, and went to Surrey Institute of Art & Design to study Animation BA (Hons) for 3 years.

At graduation, her 6 minute animation 'Mountain of Fire' was screened at London's Moving Picture Company along with her fellow graduate's films. The Royal College of Art went on to screen her film to students as an example of using animated mandalas in film-making. 'Mountain of Fire' was also screened at Harrogate's leading alternative dance night 'Fire'.

Helen then went to live and work at the West Highland Animation Company to work on an animation project producing online comics for children learning Gaelic.
After working as a designer and animation technician, she decided to go into the education sector, working in a care home for visually impaired students and being teaching assistant in a primary school. She kept her hand in art, design and animation by using her skills to teach children and young adults in these subjects and working on various freelance art projects.
Helen worked at as an illustrator and animator and also collaborated with a design agency and author to create a pilot animation for a children's educational series. This involved interpreting the author's story and illustrations to create a storyboard then full animated episode.
Helen was chosen as one of 15 top prize winners in a Walker's Crisps viral marketing campaign. Her 30 second animation 'African Crispy Safari 'was chosen by judges to win the flavour category of South African Sweet Chutney. She was then whisked off to London to a winner's ceremony with flowing champagne!
She was then shortlisted to 6 out of 200 entrants in a national competition for children's book illustrations organised by Lancaster Litfest and the Wyre Borough Council.

Helen has worked in design, illustration and video throughout the past decade, and now lives in Manchester looking for her next adventure. She enjoys travelling to far flung places, the furthest being Uganda where she did voluntary care work and teaching for a year.

She is also interested in making music, having been a drummer and bongo player in various bands and strumming the guitar in her spare time.

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